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Industrial Relations Legislative Reform Afoot

Region: Asia Pacific
28 July 2022
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With the election of Australia’s first Labor government since 2010, the federal employment and industrial relations landscape is set to undergo a number of significant changes under our new government. With Labor placing an emphasis on job security, better pay and a fairer industrial relations system, employers are now keenly anticipating the likely changes. During the course of the election campaign, Labor also foreshadowed winding back some of the recent key changes in the industrial relations space, including last year’s changes to casual employment introduced by virtue of the coalition government’s Omnibus Bill.

Join Erin Kidd, who will facilitate a discussion with our panellists, Nicola Martin and Kim Hodge, that will outline the government’s key plans and delve into the likely impact of these policies for Australian employers.

What Will You Take Away From the Session?

During the course of the webinar, our presenters will provide an overview of key Labor policies, such as:

  • Addressing job security, including casual employment reforms, gig workers and limiting the use of fixed-term contracts
  • Implementing all 55 of the Respect@Work recommendations
  • Labour hire reform, including the introduction of the Same Job, Same Pay Bill and the National Labour Hire Licensing Scheme
  • Criminalising wage theft
  • Including a right to superannuation within the National Employment Standards
  • Addressing the gender pay gap
  • Portable entitlement schemes for Australians with insecure work

Our panellists will conclude the webinar by providing insight and strategies that may help employers should the government’s policies become law.

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is suitable for HR personnel, in-house legal counsel and any senior manager or business owner who is responsible for the management of Australian employees.

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