Event | Manchester

Ethical FinTech Forum

Region: Europe
15 September 2022
RSM Manchester Office
3 Hardman St
M3 3HF

*Please note all registrations for this event are being handled by FinTech North.

In partnership with FinTech North and RSM UK, we are delighted to announce the Ethical FinTech Forum at RSM’s Manchester office on 15 September.

Beyond Northern FinTech, we are seeing more and more “better fintechs”, i.e. fintech propositions aiming to positively impact people and purpose across the global fintech market. Anecdotally, we have heard this described as a “second wave” of fintechs, following a “first wave” consisting of challengers who aimed to disrupt the market with innovative business models and customer centric user experiences.

It is clear that interest in topics such as green finance, ESG and ethical fintech is growing. Much of this trend is investor led, with funders and private equity firms wanting to see green and ethical elements woven into the fabric of businesses from the start. That is not to mention consumers, who are increasingly expecting more ethical choices and decisions from their financial services providers.

The event will cover themes including:

  • Sustainability (People, Culture and Environment)
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Funding and Investment
  • Ethical Finance

We look forward to welcoming the Northern FinTech Community to explore all aspects of green and ethical fintech.

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