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Proposed EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act – Implications for Corporates

Region: Europe
14 September 2022

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The landmark EU proposal for the AI regulatory regime is a comprehensive legal framework for this fast-developing and highly debated family of technologies that is likely to become the first major global regulation of AI systems and the de facto standard setter globally, following in the footsteps of the GDPR. With cases of non-compliance subject to a range of penalties of between €10 million and €20 million, are you prepared for what the final EU AI Act may mean for your business and what steps you should be taking as the debate continues? Where does the related policy debate stand in the European Parliament and the Council?

Many corporates are planning to use AI-based systems in future for various business use cases. It will be very important to understand the new regulatory regime in order to not fall inadvertently into a high-risk AI risk category – which would trigger various far-reaching obligations. For instance, when the AI system is used for recruitment purposes or for allocating tasks within the corporate workforce, it could be deemed “high risk” as it falls into the scope of Annex III of the AIA.

We will be covering the key elements of the proposed new EU AI regime, but we will also walk you through the most thorny policy issues that the EU legislators are still discussing:

  • How should you best prepare for the future EU AI regime?
  • How can you meaningfully engage in the ongoing EU policy debate?
  • What are the relevant timelines?
  • Our experts will cover these and other questions, and will stand ready to answer any related questions you may have.

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