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Navigating Cross-border Challenges Relating to HR Data Protection and Employee Right-to-Work Compliance

Region: Americas
12 October 2022

With the implementation of new regulations involving the handling of “HR data” across the US and the EU, transatlantic employers can expect to face unique challenges as they make efforts to incorporate these new regulations with existing procedures. In the coming months, managing data subject rights and business obligations that apply to HR data will be of the utmost importance for those involved in managing employees, hiring new talent, maintaining legal compliance, and/or overseeing a company’s overall operations. The British American Business Council (BABC) has joined forces with our legal experts to provide insights through a “one-stop-shop” webinar on the pitfalls of hiring globally, and the privacy/compliance matters related thereto.

The panelists will address the following:

  • How the UK and EU GDPR and data protection authorities impact US organizations, including intercompany and cross-border access and transfers
  • The January 1, 2023 implementation of the full HR data requirements under the California Consumer Privacy Act, including data subject access rights
  • Steps employers can take to safeguard HR data, manage data subject requests and prepare for enforcement actions
  • An overview of US and UK employment verification and right-to-work compliance, and interplay with employee data protection

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