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Cross-border Restructurings – Managing the Process Across Jurisdictions

Region: Americas
1 November 2022
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Cross-border restructurings involve a wide range of complex processes across jurisdictions. This webinar will address recent developments impacting formal and informal debt-restructuring procedures in the US and Europe, practical issues for lawyers advising on cross-border debt-restructurings, key legal strategies regarding a cross-border debt-restructuring, and the role of management and directors involved in a restructuring exercise. Specifically, the panelists will delve into:

  • The main challenges facing companies involved in cross-border restructurings and bankruptcy proceedings
  • The key legal and regulatory developments that will affect cross-border restructurings and insolvencies going forward
  • Strategies for navigating the multiple legal systems and cultural differences that companies may face
  • How multijurisdictional companies can prepare for cross-border restructurings and bankruptcy proceedings

Please note – this event is being hosted by the American Bankruptcy Institute.

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