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Unions in the Spotlight: Recent Developments at the NLRB Every Employer Should Know

Region: Americas
1 November 2023

The presentation materials from the webinar are now available.

Unions are having a resurgence, enjoying a positive shift in public perception, emboldened by high-visibility disputes and supported by an openly pro-union presidential administration.

Against this backdrop, the National Labor Relations Board – the federal administrative agency that administers and enforces the primary law governing the relationships between employees, employers and unions – has pursued an aggressive agenda to rewrite the rules to tilt the deck in favor of unions, while at the same time issuing decisions that impact all employers, regardless of whether their employees are union-represented.

Given where we are, and where we are likely headed, it is critical that employers understand the new landscape in order to avoid legal pitfalls and preserve their options for managing their workforce.

Please join us for this webinar, where we will discuss key developments involving the NLRB, labor law and unions. The presentation will cover:

  • The NLRB’s new rules for union representation elections, including the new steps that employers must take if they wish to avoid “card check” recognition of a union
  • Employee handbooks and policies under the NLRB’s new standards, including the types of policies that all employers should reassess in light of new developments
  • New rules for collective bargaining, and how they change unionized employers’ obligations before they make changes that affect employees
  • Employers’ options for addressing disruptive behavior and preventing unfair competition under the NLRB’s new standards
  • The current landscape regarding union organizing efforts and the NLRB general counsel’s agenda
  • Other recent developments, including with respect to group employee meetings, worker classification, joint employer status and other matters

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