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The International Dimensions of FEPA: What it Means for Foreign Companies, Governments, and Individuals

Region: Global
21 March 2024

Please join us for part two in our series covering “The most consequential anti-foreign-bribery law passed in almost 50 years”: the Foreign Extortion Prevention Act (FEPA).

Hear from three former Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors – including Tom Firestone, a key player in drafting the legislation, Kathleen McGovern, former senior deputy chief of the Fraud Section supervising the FCPA Unit and former FCPA prosecutor, and Jerrob Duffy, former chief of the DOJ Fraud Section’s Litigation Unit and senior FCPA prosecutor, as well as former UK Ambassador Matthew Kirk as they discuss the international implications for FEPA.

Topics will include:

  • How foreign owned companies can be protected by FEPA
  • The risks to foreign state owned enterprises under FEPA
  • How foreign government officials can be prosecuted under FEPA
  • The potential diplomatic and political fallout from FEPA

The webinar will include audience Q&A.

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