Podcast | HR Space: Episode 4

Stay on Top of Employment Law Changes in Poland: Remote Workplace

November 2022
Region: Europe

Since the global pandemic began, we have experienced tremendous economic and social change in Poland, as reflected in the shifting Polish laws regarding employees.

With our HR Space podcast series, our labour and employment lawyers in Warsaw aim to answer your key questions on employment law developments in Poland. We explore the challenges HR directors are facing in the current climate, helping businesses to navigate legislative developments in Poland so that they can ensure compliance and mitigate employment risks.

Our series consists of 10 episodes focusing on:

  • Remote work
  • Transparency and predictability
  • Work-life balance

Follow our series, with new episodes coming out weekly.

Following recent new draft law in Poland, employees can agree the location of their remote workplace with their employers. In the fourth episode in our HR Space podcast series, we outline the considerations employers must keep in mind when making such agreements, such as:

  • The importance of distinguishing between “traditional” and remote work
  • The extent to which travel between the employee’s remote workplace and the employer’s office can be determined as a business trip
  • Where employees are permitted to remote work, including whether it is possible for them to work remotely from abroad and, if so, what requirements should be met
  • The number of workplaces from which employees can remote work 

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