Antitrust & Trade Regulation Update

    View Author December 2007
    This update includes the following articles:

    United States
    • Nine West Petitions FTC To Modify Order Banning Resale Price Maintenance
    • Two French Executives Plead Guilty in Marine Hose Price-Fixing Conspiracy; Three UK Executives Charged
    • Qantas Pleads Guilty to Role in Price-Fixing Conspiracy Affecting Air Cargo Rates
    • Senators Urge Heightened Scrutiny of Google-DoubleClick Merger
    • DOJ Sides with Microsoft in Opposing Oversight Extension
    • Court Dismisses Antitrust Indictments Against Stolt-Nielsen

    European Union
    • Commission Adopts Non-Horizontal Merger Guidelines
    • German Supreme Court Overrules FCO on De Minimis Market Clause
    • Professional Videotape Producers Fined for Roles in Price-Fixing Cartel
    • EU Slaps Flat Glass Producers With €487 Million Fine
    • Hungarian Competition Authority Raids Construction Companies
    • Commission Raids Fresh Exotic Fruit Producers and Importers

    Around the World
    • BRAZIL – WTO Affirms Ruling Against Brazil's Ban on Imported Used Tires From the EU
    • JAPAN – JFTC Investigates CRT Cartel
    • JAPAN – JFTC Publishes Compilation of Antimonopoly Act Consultations
    • SOUTH AFRICA – Tiger Brands Settles Price-Fixing Charges