Pensions Seminars for 2010 Tax Simplification Revisited: A Distant Dream or a Corporate Nightmare?

    February 2010

    Only three and a half years have passed since the tax landscape for pensions was radically overhauled and (allegedly) simplified. While sponsors and their advisers were still coming to grips with the teething troubles of tax simplification, the fiscal pressures on the public purse led to much more radical changes in the tax privileges that registered pension schemes have enjoyed for decades. Some of these changes are already in force but others will come into force over the next 15 months. Our Spring breakfast seminars will therefore address:

    • the limitations of providing pensions for high earners through registered pension schemes,
    • the advantages and disadvantages of alternative forms of remuneration,
    • the use of Employer-Financed Retirement Benefits Schemes as a vehicle for rewarding high earners.

    The seminars will focus on the tax implications for companies considering alternative forms of reward, and are likely to be of particular interest to those responsible for financial management and those who plan and implement remuneration strategies.

    Our expert speakers will come from Hammonds' pensions and tax practices and Towers Watson, a leading employee benefits consultant.