Fees in Employment Tribunals Introduced on 29 July 2013

    May 2013
    The date for the introduction of fees into Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has been set for Monday 29 July 2013.

    Subject to the necessary Parliamentary approvals, from this date, all Tribunal claims and EAT appeals will be liable to pay a fee or provide an application for fee remission. Any claims/cases/appeals in the system before this date will not attract any fee payments.

    By way of a reminder, claimants bringing “straightforward” claims such as unauthorised deduction from wages or breach of contract will be required to pay an Issue Fee of £160 when the claim is lodged and a Hearing Fee of £230 if the claim proceeds to a hearing. For more complex claims such as unfair dismissal and discrimination, the Issue Fee will be £250 and the Hearing Fee will be £950. Furthermore, and this will be of more relevance to employers, there will be fees payable for certain subsidiary applications such as an application to set aside a default judgment or to issue a counter-claim.

    An Issue Fee of £400 and a Hearing Fee of £1,200 will be payable in the EAT.

    On a different note, the UK Government has also recently published a consultation seeking further views on the power of Employment Tribunals to order equal pay audits and the likely content of future regulations. Tribunals will be required to order employers to carry out an equal pay audit where they have breached equal pay legislation, subject to certain limited exceptions. The closing date for responses to the consultation is 18 July 2013.