Protest Procedures During the Government Shutdown

    View Author 2 October 2013

    Yesterday the Government Accountability Office (GAO) announced an extension of the deadline for bid protest filings in light of the shutdown of the federal government.

    The GAO, including the GAO bid protest office, is closed effective October 1, 2013, and there will be no personnel monitoring protest filings at GAO during the closure.  Any deadline for a protest filing from a private party that falls on a day that GAO is closed is extended to the first day that GAO resumes operations. Similarly, any deadline for an agency filing (an agency report or other filing requested by GAO) may, upon request, be extended by up to one day for each day that GAO is closed.  Any new protest received by GAO during the time that GAO is closed will be treated as filed on the day that GAO resumes operations. Depending on the length of the shutdown, GAO will try and resolve protests within the 100-day limit, but will extend the decision time as circumstances warrant.

    As to new protest filings, GAO will only accept email filings at

    The Court of Federal Claims, however, has announced it will remain open through at least October 11, 2013.