Private Equity Exits via IPO

    November 2013


    The IPO window is open. Public market investors are keen to see more good quality IPO candidates, presenting an exit opportunity for private equity houses. This investor appetite is not restricted to large cap deals but is equally true for small and mid-cap deals provided that they meet the right quality threshold.

    If you are a private equity house contemplating the IPO of a portfolio company, we would strongly recommend an early conversation with our capital markets team who can help you to protect value by giving you advice on: 
    • the feasibility of an IPO and any red flag issues in terms of likely roadblocks or timing issues;
    • the most suitable brokers for the proposed deal;
    • current market norms in terms of advisers’ fees and commissions;
    • key issues for management teams on an IPO;
    • how to manage the IPO process efficiently and with the minimum of disruption to the business;
    • protecting your interests during the IPO process and beyond, including ongoing entrenched board seats and other rights.

    Please contact us if you would like to learn more.