Doing Business in Brazil

    January 2014

    Brazil is one of the major markets of the 21st Century. It is the sixth largest economy by nominal GDP and fifth largest country in the world. Foreign investors find Brazil offers a very favourable business environment for a number of reasons:

    • the abundant agricultural, mineral, and energy resources;
    • its diversified economy and infrastructure;
    • it is the largest economy in Latin America;
    • lower inflation;
    • a strong currency regime; and
    • a strong and stable economy.

    This Guide Covers:

    • Business Presence
    • Foreign Investments
    • Immigration Visas
    • Tax
    • Labor

    This guide has been prepared with great care and diligence. However, any liability as to the accuracy, correctness and completeness of the guide is explicitly excluded. This guide is not intended to serve as legal or business advice related to individual situations or as legal opinions concerning such situations. Counsel should be consulted for legal planning and advice.