Trade Talks – Guy Dru Drury MBE (Chief Representative China SE NE Asia, CBI) Discusses the Sino-UK Trade Relationship

February 2018

Against a backdrop of Brexit and the groundwork being set for the UK to become an independent global trading nation, UK plc increasingly needs support and guidance. Our Trade Talks initiative will provide businesses with current guidance and opinions, along with the resources and contacts to help them to make strategic business decisions. Whether you are exporting or importing, looking for global investment opportunities or just need to be aware of economic and political issues, Trade Talks can and will help.

We will bring together colleagues who have on-the-ground knowledge from key jurisdictions such as the US, China, the EU, the Commonwealth, India and wider afield. This, coupled with experts from our global network of business leaders and influencers, will keep you abreast of economic and political issues in this fast-paced environment.

Our next stop on the Trade Talks tour is the People’s Republic of China. Friday 16 February brought with it the annual celebration of the Chinese New Year. As the Year of the Dog dawns, we ask Guy Dru Drury MBE, CBI Chief Representative China SE NE Asia, about the outlook for the Sino-UK relationship and trade in 2018 and beyond. Our interview will probe economic trends, the forecast for trade in 2018, the word on the street in Beijing, barriers and an insight into the relationship between China and the UK.

Full interview with Guy Dru Drury

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