Squire Patton Boggs and Retail Economics UK Retail Brexit Trade Service

March 2018
Region: Europe

The Squire Patton Boggs and Retail Economics Retail Brexit Trade Service provides retailers and those involved in the retail supply chain with support to plan, prepare and effectively implement changes to be “Brexit ready”. Our service provides crucial insight into Brexit’s multi-staged policy implications.

For retailers – Risk levels are maximised for EU trade. Our service helps safeguard you against oversights in new costs and regulation arising from policy developments. We scenario plan and model for what the new trade deal could mean and highlight cost implications from customs duties on different products (e.g. sensitive products).

For companies selling services into the retail industry – Keeping abreast of how Brexit affects your core customer base is essential for sharpening your business strategy and recognising how best to foster key relationships during turbulent times ahead. Our service gives you this insight.

Who Will Benefit From the Service?

  • Board, Senior-level executives, General Counsel and legal teams at UK-based retailers or international retailers with UK interest
  • Suppliers to the retail sector
  • Companies involved in the retail supply chain
  • Advisers with significant interest in the retail sector, such as manufacturers, logistics and many others

Services We Offer

Retail Industry Analysis - We can provide tailored impact assessments based on robust economic and legal analysis and expert retail insight, relevant to your specific needs, that are actionable, reportable and support you in making sound business decisions

Monitoring - We can implement a monitoring service to ensure that all key retail industry-related legislative, regulatory and policy developments arising from Brexit, specifically tailored to your requirements, are captured in an easy-to-read report.

Planning and Preparation

Advisory – Our retail Brexit specialists can advise on designing and implementing strategies for your UK and wider global operations, which help mitigate the risks and uncertainties that stem from Brexit by planning and preparing contingency measures on Brexit-specific strategies.

Economic evaluation – Our independent research provides concise analysis of the need-to-know economic factors affecting your business. Understanding the dynamic macroeconomic environment will be critical in implementing your Brexit strategy.

Scenario planning – Whether you are just starting your scenario planning, have already made strategic decisions (i.e. taken risks and invested in new manufacturing facilities in the EU) or are looking to invest in infrastructure or develop new supply chains, we can help.

Added Value

  • Quarterly UK Retail Brexit Trade Review – The review will contain economic analysis on the size of trade and up-to-date narrative on the progress of UK and EU trade negotiations specific to the retail industry
  • Pulse updates – Monthly briefings (in between the release of the quarterly reports) that will focus on specific elements of the Brexit process and are tailored to the retail industry.
  • Invite-only roundtables – Aimed at addressing the particular challenges the retail industry faces with Brexit. The roundtables will be interactive with involvement from key business influencers and policymakers

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