The Pensions (R)evolution

    View Author April 2018

    Pensions law does not remain static for long! The latest instalment comes in the form of the white paper from the Department for Work and Pensions, “Protecting Defined Benefit Pension Schemes”. The paper clarifies the direction of travel in a number of areas, most of which will first be subject to consultation and further legislation, before we have the full picture.

    Are we facing a period of steady evolution or an out-and-out pensions revolution? Our series of communications and seminars over the next few months on the changing world of pensions will feature our (R)evolution theme, and we will explore whether the change, and the pace of it, is appropriate.

    We will consider some of these themes in more detail in our forthcoming series of pensions breakfast seminars, “The Pensions (R)evolution – The Pace of Change”.