Brexit Pulse Update

    View Authors July 2018
    The last week or so has been eventful in the realm of Brexit and Trade, with things heating up post Chequers. To provide you with a summary of the state of play in the context, and a recap on the customs options and what this means for retailers and those in your supply chain, we would like to draw your attention to this “hot off the press” Pulse Update.

    To keep up with such rapid developments, our Pulse Update will provide you with: 
    • A summary of the state of play 
    • A recap on customs options 
    • What this means for retailers and stakeholders in your supply chain 
    Our next quarterly report is due to be published later this month, with a focus on the white paper we expect to see from the government late this week or next.

    Finally, if we can help you by providing a broad retail perspective, regardless of what stage you are at in your scenario planning, just let us know. We would be happy to arrange for a complimentary meeting. The full range our Retail Brexit services can be found here.

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