PLI Current: White Collar Practice Journal

    View Author September 2019

    PLI Current: White Collar Practice Journal, a new journal from PLI Press, focuses on financial crimes and related issues of interest to white collar practitioners.

    In the latest issue, lawyers Colin Jennings, Steve Delchin, Marisa Darden, Ayako Hobbs and Elizabeth Weil Shaw take a closer look at whether the civil “minimum contacts” test for personal jurisdiction applies to foreign corporate defendants in the criminal context in the chapter “International Shoe on International Crimes: Applying the Minimum Contacts Test in Criminal Prosecutions of Corporations.” The Supreme Court has yet to weigh in on whether foreign defendants can be prosecuted in US jurisdictions, but, as our lawyers assert, its recent personal jurisdiction cases in the civil context can and should serve as a guide for foreign corporations facing the possibility of criminal prosecution.

    PLI Current: White Collar Practice Journal will be published at least twice a year and requires a subscription to gain access. More information can be found on the PLI Press website.