COVID-19 Employment Guide: Qatar

    View Author April 2020

    Our Middle East Labour & Employment team have put together a quick guide for employers on key questions we’re often asked in relation to their employees. In this guide we cover:

    • What are an employer’s health and safety obligations in relation to its staff?
    • Should employers place restrictions on work-related international travel?
    • Under what circumstances can employees continue working or leave the house?
    • What is the latest guidance from the government regarding employment measures that can be taken to protect jobs?
    • Will making reductions to employees’ salaries cause issues for employers being in breach of the wage protection system?
    • Do employers have to pay an employee if they are required to self-isolate?
    • What should employers do if a member of staff is confirmed as having the virus and has recently been in the workplace?
    • If the situation worsens and employers are considering closing one of their sites, do they have a right to lay off/furlough staff in these circumstances? Are they obliged to continue to pay them?
    • What other steps are employers taking to respond to the challenging economic situation caused by coronavirus?
    • Are redundancies permitted?

    Download the full guide online.