Summer Hot Topics in Pensions

June 2020
Region: Europe

In our latest edition of Hot Topics in Pensions we celebrate the great British garden. Due to social distancing measures, many of our readers are finding solace in their garden this summer for work, rest and play. Perhaps you are impressing the neighbours with your previously undiscovered topiary skills? We invite you take a stroll through our virtual garden where pensions issues are intertwined with nature. Topics covered include:

  • Weeding out the essentials. Keeping core pensions work and trustee business functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A rose between the thorns? Some schemes may be able to take advantage of investment opportunities.
  • Forget-me-not. Don’t overlook further changes affecting the Statement of Investment Principles from October 2020.
  • Late bloomers. A number of important pensions developments will start to blossom as the year progresses.

Please contact any member of our Pensions team for gardening tips or for further information on any of the issues covered in our publication.