#PensionsTensions Part 1: The Member Experience

July 2020
Region: Europe

The global coronavirus pandemic has had a seismic impact on our economy and lifestyles. Whilst some of the challenges posed by COVID-19 are expected to be short-lived, the longer-term implications of the crisis remain unclear.

#PensionsTensions examines the key areas of pension tension, in each case exploring four aspects, assigning each a #PressureMeasure (the higher the score the greater the pressure being faced) and giving our view on where further reflection might lead to welcome change.

In our first of four publications we focus on the Member Experience, examining the pressures around:

  • Engagement -  How Much Attention Do Individuals Pay to Pension Saving?
  • Integration - How Well Does Pension Saving Fit With Other Financial Commitments?
  • Flexibility - How Much Choice Is There Within the Pensions Market?
  • Adequacy - Are People Saving Enough for Retirement?

Download our publication to find out more about these ongoing challenges and our views on the solutions available to deal with the #PressureMeasure.

Look out for our future publications which will be released each Tuesday over the coming weeks. We will be examining #PensionTensions from three further perspectives - the Trustee Experience, the Employer Experience and the Investment Experience.