Integrity and Ethics in the New Normal – Developing a Robust Compliance Framework

Region: Europe

We are delighted to launch our new compliance framework aimed to support businesses to enhance their business integrity and compliance against a number of material risk factors.

We have also set out the key compliance pressures and insight into the risks associated with not having a robust compliance framework in place. All of this is set out against a backdrop of the “New Normal” where we are seeing additional global pressures and movements impacting businesses, such as ESG and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our key message is that integrity and ethics are under the lens and businesses’ reputations, as well as corporate purpose, will become increasingly important as calls grow for businesses to play their part in solving the problems of people and the planet. Businesses will increasingly need to adopt a long-term stakeholder approach to their business models in order to remain relevant.

For further information on our insights and to access the framework, please download our guide or contact one of our experts.