Pensions Lessons for Trustees – The Lockdown Year

September 2020

We invite our readers to work through the 2020 pensions syllabus set out in our annual “back to school” themed publication. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected each pension scheme in unique ways – trustees have had to respond to challenges caused by disruptions to service and economic volatility, in addition to carrying out scheduled actions identified in their business plans. Our action-focused publication draws together some key developments from the last few months, and we look ahead to what to expect in the remainder of the year. We cover the following topics:

  • Legislation – More Than Playground Politics
  • Transfers – A Few Blunt Cuts
  • Governance – Be Fighting Fit Post Lockdown
  • Funding and the PPF – Interpreting the Language of Business and Finance
  • ESG – Just the Latest Craze?
  • Round-up – All Good Things Come to an End

Your September timetable may be starting to take shape, but we hope that you can factor Pensions Lessons for Trustees – The Lockdown Year into your reading schedule. Please raise your hand and contact us if you have any questions.