Chemical Strategy for Sustainability Heralds Most Significant Changes to EU Chemicals Regulation in 15 Years

October 2020

In publishing the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability (CSS), the European Commission has announced the Most Significant Changes to EU Chemicals Regulation in 15 Years. The Commission stated that the CSS is the first step towards a zero pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment. While the CSS fully recognises the fundamental role of chemicals for human well-being and for the green and digital transition of European economy and society, it acknowledges the urgent need to address the health and environmental challenges caused by the most harmful chemicals.

The Commission found that the EU has sophisticated chemicals legislation, which has generated the most advanced knowledge base on chemicals in the world. Yet, the EU’s chemicals policy needed to be further strengthened to take into account the latest scientific knowledge and citizens’ concerns. To this end, and among multiple other measures, the CSS foresees fundamental changes to the regulatory framework.