Updated Financial Health Roadmap UK Business Key Dates to Manage Financial Health From October 2020

October 2020
Region: Europe

When support from the UK’s government and HMRC is scaled back and temporary measures to halt aggressive creditor action and support business recovery come to an end, will businesses be ready and able to meet increased cash and credit requirements?

Our financial health roadmap helps identify key dates that may impact cash flow in the coming months and should be considered (alongside the specific financial needs of the business) when planning.

It highlights when the measures put in place by the UK government and HMRC will change and consequently when creditor pressure may increase, when a business will be required to fund ongoing operational costs that are currently supported by the UK government or where payment is deferred, for instance, by HMRC.

Our quick guide also covers key financial dates relating to your workforce, Brexit, budget statements, real estate and pensions.