COVID-19: The Future World of Work - FAQs on Returning to the Workplace (UK)

The COVID-19 pandemic and the last 13 months’ lockdown have not changed the law as it relates to flexible working. Nonetheless, employers contemplating the reality of a large-scale return to the workplace (RTW) will find themselves in new territory over the next three to six months. The sheer number of employees involved, the dangerous medical background, issues around vaccines, and the emotional/mental health and PR stakes are all at a different level from any previous point. In addition, decisions must be made in the context of a whole load of legally irrelevant but still clearly related issues around future floor-space requirements, social distancing obligations and more empirical evidence of whether working from home (WFH) works or not than employers have ever had before.

In the attached frequently asked questions, we look at some of the most likely practical questions employers may have as they negotiate this new territory.