Sustainability Outlook European Union: Key Developments In EU Sustainability Law and Policy

    View Author July 2021

    Our European Public Policy team is pleased to share with you our monthly newsletter, which looks at key developments in EU sustainability law and policy.

    This month is a particularly packed issues as the European Commission has proposed a range of climate proposals. This month’s edition includes the following:

    • European Commission proposes landmark “Fit for 55” package of climate and energy legislation
    • European Commission proposes a revision of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
    • European Commission proposes a revision of the Renewables Energy Directive
    • European Commission proposes a carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM)
    • European countries announce their intention to restrict PFAS
    • European Commission plans simplification and digitalisation of labelling requirements for chemicals
    • European Commission issues a draft amendment of the REACH authorisation list; does not include BPA
    • ECHA seeks views on applications for the authorisation process
    • ECHA publishes a study finding that trichloroethylene (TCE) has mostly been substituted with perchloroethylene (PERC) in metal parts cleaning
    • EU court rejects actions regarding siloxanes
    • European Commission body prepares new emission norms for chemical industry
    • European Parliament adopts a position on the eighth Environment Action Programme (EAP)
    • European Commission opens a call for proposals on environment and climate funding
    • EU co-legislators reach a provisional agreement on access to justice in environmental matters
    • European Court of Auditors publishes a report on the polluter pays principle (PPP)
    • European Commission proposes a new General Product Safety Regulation
    • Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell) confirms that it will appeal Dutch carbon emission ruling