Hot Topics in Pensions – Autumn 2021

September 2021
Region: Europe

The reopening of UK nightclubs and live music venues has inspired us to produce a disco-themed Hot Topics in Pensions. We turn back time to the 1970s, switch on the flashing lights, don our sequins and invite you to boogie your way through the latest pensions developments.

  • We strut our stuff through the Pension Schemes Act 2021. Now that those summer nights are over, it is time to tell you more about the legislation coming into force this autumn.
  • Do not dance yourself dizzy trying to comply with the single code of practice – we suggest that you break this down into simple steps.
  • The latest developments in data protection, GMP equalisation and defined contribution governance may have you knocking on wood. If so, you could ring our bell for assistance.
  • Finally, be prepared to implement new transfer regulations. We want pension scammers to face their Waterloo.

Please contact any member of our Pensions team for further information on disco moves or any of the issues covered in our publication.