Sustainability Outlook European Union: Key Developments In EU Sustainability Law and Policy

February 2022
Region: Europe

Our European Public Policy team is pleased to share with you our monthly newsletter, which looks at key developments in EU sustainability law and policy. This month’s edition includes the following:

  • European Commission presents controversial rules on the sustainability of nuclear and gas.
  • NGOs challenge Taxonomy criteria for biomass, bio-based plastics and chemicals.
  • Five Member States propose options for the revision of EU packaging rules.
  • Circular Plastics Alliance takes intermediate steps towards using 10 Mt of recyclates.
  • European Commission presents a strategy on standardisation.
  • European Commission to request standards for plastic recycling and recycled plastics.
  • European Commission consults on “unintentional” microplastics releases.
  • European Commission proposes rules on supply chain due diligence.
  • European Commission starts an initiative on the certification of carbon removals.
  • European Parliament Rapporteur proposes to include waste incinerators in ETS.
  • European Parliament Rapporteur proposes a 20% target for renewable fuels.
  • European Parliament report proposes that portable batteries must be removable.
  • European Parliament Rapporteur proposes more stringent thresholds for persistent organic pollutants (POPs).
  • European Commission starts revision of the rules on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS).
  • European Commission seeks views on the new mercury regulation.
  • EU set to include Resorcinol in the REACH Candidate List for thyroid-disrupting effects.
  • European Commission presents options for reform of the REACH evaluation process.
  • ECHA presents a restriction proposal for PFAS in fire-fighting foams.
  • EU court advisor clarifies the Commission’s duty of diligence when classifying chemicals.
  • France to adopt ‘3R Strategy’ on plastic packaging.