Proposed Sustainable Corporate Due Diligence: Streamlining the Environmental and Human Rights Abuses in Supply Chains

The European Commission (EC) has published the proposal for an EU Sustainable Corporate Due Diligence Directive, a long-awaited and long-debated piece of legislation that will bring forward obligations for companies to carry out due diligence across their supply chain and incorporate sustainability and human rights considerations within their business strategies, decisions and oversight.

In this insight we review and analyse the content of the legislative act, which has already caused important political commentary even before its publication. The proposed directive will certainly influence current business structures and will bring a new range of duties underpinning any business decision a company must take.

If you are interested to understand the impact this legislation can have on your business, understand the interplay of the regulatory regime or wish to be informed or influence the ongoing policy debate, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.