Sustainability Outlook European Union: Key Developments In EU Sustainability Law and Policy


Our European Public Policy team is pleased to share with you our monthly newsletter, which looks at key developments in EU sustainability law and policy.

This month’s edition includes the following:

  • European Commission’s roadmap foresees group restrictions “for the most harmful substances”.
  • Member States are set to evaluate 27 substances from 2022 to 2024.
  • UK Health and Safety Executive plans substances evaluation under UK REACH.
  • European Chemicals Agency recommends the restriction of 34 bisphenols.
  • European Chemicals Agency finds no need "at present" to restrict 10 phthalates.
  • European Chemicals Agency points out new information requirements under REACH.
  • Competent authorities discuss polymers, hazard classification, and occupational safety and health.
  • Industry and competent authorities call for transparency, coordination and stable financing of chemicals agencies.
  • European chemical industry suggests an approach to “safe and sustainable by design”.
  • European Commission warns about hazardous substances in toys, online sales and other products
  • European Commission proposes the “phase-down” of F-gas emissions.
  • European Commission proposes new bans on ozone depleting potential substances.
  • European Commission proposes new industrial emissions rules.
  • European Parliament Rapporteur proposes changes to waste shipment rules.
  • European Commission study suggests waste prevention measures.
  • European Commission prioritises waste streams for EU end-of-waste criteria.
  • France sets mandatory reused packaging targets for producers.
  • France adopts a “3R” strategy on single-use plastic packaging.
  • Spain introduces a plastic packaging tax.