Legal NewsBITE: Food and Drink Quarterly

September 2022
Region: Europe

Welcome to Legal newsBITE: Food and Drink Quarterly, put together by our UK food and drink team. Articles this quarter include:

  • Another UK Supermarket To Scrap “Best Before” Dates on Almost 300 Lines
  • Brexit – Further Extension of Transition Periods for Food Labelling until 2024
  • Perspectives on the Evolving Regulatory Landscape for US Food and Beverages
  • The Cost of Living Crisis – Responding to Current Workplace Challenges in the UK
  • Welsh Government (WG) Publishes Its Response to Consultation on Banning Single-use Plastics
  • Consultation on Edible Insects and Novel Food Authorisations Published
  • London School of Economics Publishes Its Report on 2022’s Global Trends in Climate Change Litigation, Highlighting Increased Actions Against Corporates in Food and Agriculture Sectors
  • Dawn Raids in the Online Food Delivery Sector
  • Global Feedback (Feedback) Legal Action Over Failings of England’s Food Strategy
  • UK’s FSA and FSS Launch an Annual Review of Food Standards
  • Food Sector Stress and Distress – De-risking Supply Chains
  • European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Seeks Comments on Phthalates in Food Contact Materials (FCMs)
  • Proposals to Amend UK Regulations to Permit Addition of Folic Acid to Non-wholemeal flour
  • Novel Sugar Seeks Regulatory Approval in Europe

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