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Environmental, Social & Governance Newsletter

April 2023
Region: Global

The environmental, social and governance (ESG) landscape is currently progressing at a tremendous pace. Each year, more elements are brought to the forefront and are considered by markets, investors and governments as part of their decision-making. ESG was primarily adopted as a risk management tool, but it has since evolved beyond only risk, and it now serves as a roadmap for sustainable growth and an effective business opportunity.

The constant evolution of ESG has forced companies to adapt and increase their internal capabilities for reporting ESG-related metrics.

According to a Harvard study, by 2021, 86% of S&P 500 firms regularly issued some form of an ESG-related report – a significant increase from just 35% of publicly traded companies in 2010. This shows that ESG disclosure and reporting is not a matter of “when” anymore; it is a matter of “how”.

This ESG newsletter will focus on key topics in the space that we believe all our clients should have on their radar. It will also showcase trends from different sectors, while highlighting some leaders and laggers when it comes to ESG leadership. We believe it is part of our responsibility to help our clients effectively navigate the ESG land mines and ensure that they are in the best position to take advantage of the opportunity this new area presents.

As part of our continuous efforts in the ESG space, we believe it important to help our clients understand the implications of ESG and that it is not just a trend, but something that is here to stay. ESG and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are no longer niche considerations. They are now integrated across multiple industries with the potential to drive real-world change and long-term sustainable growth.

In this edition, we focus on:

  • The Emergence of Greenwashing as an ESG Risk
  • Forewarned Is Forearmed – The Importance of Horizon Scanning for ESG
  • In the Know: Short insightful updates on Pensions, Labour and Employment and Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Digital Assets