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Environmental, Social & Governance Newsletter

July 2023
Region: Global

With the growing momentum of ESG considerations, we have seen client requests for information increase proportionally. Over the past decade, the number of ESG regulations globally have increased by 155%, with 1,255 ESG regulations introduced worldwide since 2011. This indicates that the cost of not-knowing which ESG requirements is applicable to a company will only increase over time.

As part of our continuous efforts in the ESG space, we believe it important to help our clients understand the implications of ESG and that it is not just a trend, but something that is here to stay. ESG and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are no longer niche considerations. They are now integrated across multiple industries with the potential to drive real-world change and long-term sustainable growth.

In this edition, we focus on:

  • Product Lifecycle Regulation – The Future of EcoDesign
  • The Growing Field of the EU’s ESG Regulations – Does It Impact Your Company?
  • The Know: Looking at Real Estate, How Green Is Your Lease?