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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – A Global Perspective

May 2024
Region: Europe

Tackling workplace sexual harassment remains a key priority for legislators and regulators globally, meaning that employers who fail to take proactive steps to address this issue may be subject to increasing legal liabilities, not to mention damaging PR in the Court of Public Opinion. Further, with various countries introducing new obligations on employers this year to prevent sexual harassment, the global spotlight on this issue seems set to continue.

In the first virtual panel discussion of our 2024 Global Board Issues series, our speakers explored key challenges and action points for global companies, including:

  • Legislative and regulatory developments – recent and upcoming changes to be aware of, including compliance and areas of risk
  • Why sexual harassment in the workplace is a board issue, including how it plays into a company’s wider culture and its ESG and/or sustainability strategy
  • Investigating and resolving allegations of sexual harassment – typical challenges we have advised on and how to address them
  • Working with global companies – we share our experiences of what works well when implementing policies/procedures, running training programmes, creating a healthy workplace culture, etc.