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    The deeply disturbing events coming to light in recent weeks in the U.S. highlighting an historic pattern of violence and abuse against African-Americans by police officers using excessive force have understandably triggered long simmering grievances that are now playing out on our nation’s streets and around the world. We seem to be at an historic inflection point where people and organizations of good conscience are called upon to speak up to express their values. We want to state unequivocally that our law firm stands squarely behind those peacefully protesting the instances of excessive police violence against our African-American citizenry. People everywhere, including many of our colleagues, family and friends are sharing the painful reality that this has gone on far too long without adequate attention or redress. Consistent with our long held fundamental values of fair and equal treatment of people everywhere without regard to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or physical condition, we condemn such violence and will look for opportunities within our communities to be part of the solution. We don’t have all the answers, but this is a moment in time to loudly champion our values and stand behind them, along with so many other people and organizations of goodwill, who are working for positive change.

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