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    Global Digital Markets Regulation

    Digital markets potentially face new regulation to deliver greater competition and innovation for the use of data, while protecting consumers’ rights. Social networks, search engines and eCommerce sites are just some of the digital platforms that will likely be most affected by these new potential Digital Markets Regulations. However, companies that act as market “gatekeepers” in the life sciences, pharmaceuticals and automotive sectors may also be impacted.

    These anticipated new regulations will complement existing antitrust, data protection and electronic communications laws to further protect consumers, and ultimately ensure digital markets players act responsibly and are accountable.

    Key issues that regulators around the globe are looking to address with new ex ante regulations include:

    • Economic dependency on a few companies who play a “gatekeeper” role in the market, through exclusive use of valuable data
    • Interoperability of data systems
    • Data mobility and portability
    • Transparency and fairness in customer contracts.

    We are trailblazers when it comes to serving the evolving needs of players in the digital markets, working at the forefront of legal and regulatory developments that are transforming this more-than-ever developing industry.

    Coupled with a preeminent Public Policy Practice, spanning major capitals on four continents, we offer our clients unique solutions and unrivalled expertise:

    • Offering a seamless and coordinated approach through our unrivalled global platform
    • Advocacy through our top-tier public policy experience
    • Assessing risks and opportunities, as well as devising strategies to mitigate risks and maximize opportunities
    • Compliance counselling
    • Defending or bringing actions before regulatory agencies and courts

    We are leading legal and policy specialists in digital communications, data privacy, competition and eCommerce. With digital markets facing new regulations aimed to deliver greater competition and innovation for the use of data, while protecting consumers’ rights. We stand ready to help our clients through this changing landscape, find out more about our full range of capabilities.

    European Electronic Communications Code (EECC)

    The EU Electronic Communications Code (EECC) is a new directive recasting the regulatory framework for electronic communications in the EEA. The EECC introduces a number of changes, including changes to the regulation of significant market power and network access, the promotion of very high capacity networks, spectrum management and end-users rights. It also expands the scope of EU telecoms regulation to new internet-based services, such as over-the-top (OTT) services; although OTT services remain subject to lighter touch regulation compared to traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN)-based services. Member states must adapt their existing telecommunications regulations in accordance with the EECC by 2020. In the meantime, certain provisions of the EECC may have direct effect, even before its transposition into national laws. The EECC is complemented by various directives and regulations, including, among others, the e-Privacy Directive, the Telecoms Single Market Regulation, the Roaming Regulation and the Radio Spectrum Decision.

    Find Out More about the EECC

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