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Global Cybersecurity & Data Breaches

Our global cross-practice response team is composed of cybersecurity, data protection, e-privacy, litigation, government investigations, insurance, and labor and employment professionals. All are subject-matter experts in their respective legal fields and many have developed substantial experience advising on cross-border and international data breaches and cybersecurity incidents of all types. As a team, we offer our clients the in-depth knowledge and experience required to prepare for and respond to cybersecurity and data breach incidents, which regularly transcend practice areas and global borders. We frequently work together with technical security professionals and forensic experts to provide our clients with a fully integrated approach that is both tactical and strategic. We also work closely with public relations professionals to help coordinate the content of internal and external communications relating to cybersecurity incidents and data breach situations. We have a proven track record of assisting and guiding clients through:

  • Prevention and Protection – e.g., conducting personal data breach and cybersecurity risk assessments, developing organization-specific cybersecurity and data breach compliance programs, strengthening IT environments, etc.
  • Preparation and Training – e.g., developing and conducting employee and IT-specific training, conducting table top exercises and simulated breach events, etc.
  • Detection and Response – e.g., coordinating containment and eradication efforts, making required notifications, liaising with the relevant authorities, etc.
  • Recovery and Strengthening – e.g., restoring data, liaising with insurance carriers, and litigating data security and privacy matters, etc.
  • Enforcement Proceedings and Litigation – e.g., anticipating and minimizing the risk of legal claims and enforcement proceedings, and representation throughout all phases of such proceedings

Our Services

We provide advice on a wide range of matters related to cybersecurity risk management, data breach response and cybersecurity litigation. This includes, but is not limited to, advising clients on their options and obligations in responding to ransomware attacks, personal data breaches, inadvertent disclosures, phishing emails, etc.; interfacing with law enforcement agencies, regulators, data protection authorities, law enforcement authorities and insurers; coordinating and making appropriate breach notifications to data subjects and data protection authorities; coordinating crisis management response; and litigating any matters arising out of such Incidents.

We also work with technical security professionals to assess our clients’ cybersecurity profiles. When vulnerabilities are found, we work with management teams, boards of directors, vendors, PR and other consultants and third parties to design, implement and train employees on newly developed cybersecurity compliance programs. Finally, we advise on due diligence for third-party service providers, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

Why Choose Us

  • Our experienced cross-practice and global breach response team provides the legal, regulatory and procedural advice and support that our clients require around the world.
  • We have advised on hundreds of cybersecurity incidents and breach responses, including some of the largest security incidents in the past few years, acquiring comprehensive knowledge of the requirements of national data protection authorities and regulators, and we expertly and swiftly direct all aspects of incident response based on significant real-world experience.
  • We draw on extensive regulatory and litigation expertise to provide substantive and strategic litigation support, whether in civil, criminal or regulatory proceedings.
  • Where breaches are particularly severe, we work closely with our Public Policy team to design communications strategies at all affected levels of government.
  • We provide experienced advice on a wide range of insurance policies and claims to help our clients protect themselves financially when a security incident occurs.
  • We frequently team with technical security professionals to provide our clients with a holistic approach to developing effective cybersecurity and data breach compliance programs.

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