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    Open Source Software

    Our Open Source System (OSS) team concentrates its practice on helping companies unlock the positive aspects of OSS. We, do this, by identifying the risks of using open source software and, then, proactively mitigating those risks for our clients. Our OSS team has the skills and knowledge to evaluate any OSS that is being used by an organization and the licenses under which the OSS is licensed.

    Our team includes lawyers who have been working with OSS since its earliest commercial use. Our firm represents OSS software developers/providers and also advises clients on how to successfully use OSS within their IT environments, and create and distribute products incorporating OSS. We have represented companies of all sizes, from startups to the Fortune 500.

    Why Choose Us

    • Professionals with deep practical knowledge of open source software and the licenses that govern the use of it
    • Lawyers with computer science and electrical engineering degrees, and professionals who have numerous information technology (IT) certifications
    • Team that understands the implications of patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret law in working with OSS, regularly counseling clients on integrating OSS with commercial software
    • Understanding of the ramifications of OSS with domestic and international government contracts
    • Certification from the leading open source software audit organization