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Water & Wastewater

The water and wastewater team is a key component of our Public & Infrastructure Finance Practice. We regularly represent municipal and regional water and wastewater systems and state revolving loan funds across the nation in meeting infrastructure financing needs, employing the full range of available financing options and techniques.

Why Choose Us

Since 2010, we have acted as bond/co-bond, disclosure or underwriters’ counsel on more than 140 bond or note issuances in the water/wastewater sector. These financings have an aggregate value of more than US$10 billion. With a transactional volume of this magnitude, we are fully knowledgeable about the state and federal laws applicable to financings for water and wastewater facilities, as well as emerging financing trends and developments in the environmental area and related regulatory fields. This breadth and depth of experience allows us to anticipate and address the concerns and requirements of issuers, underwriters, bank lenders, institutional investors and rating agencies. Our knowledge base informs our participation in the preparation of disclosure documents that reflect not only legal requirements but also industry standards and trends.