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Global Webinar Series: Collecting and Monitoring Diversity and Inclusion Data

Our latest global webinar series covers the key issues employers should consider when collecting and monitoring diversity and inclusion (D&I) data around the world, from the data protection and privacy risks to the social and cultural barriers to obtaining and using such information.

An increasing number of global businesses are looking to collect and track D&I data about their staff as part of their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

As you would expect in light of the very personal nature of some of this information, collecting and making use of D&I data is not always straightforward, especially for businesses looking to do so on a global basis. In some countries, such as the UK, most employees are familiar with requests for D&I data as part of an employer’s D&I efforts. In other countries, such requests would be seen as highly intrusive and even unlawful.

These webinars will be of interest to HR professionals, diversity and inclusion specialists and in-house counsel.

Programme Details
11 November 2021   Noon GMT   United Kingdom   View Recording
7 December 2021   Noon GMT
1 p.m. CET
4 p.m. GST
  Continental Europe and the Middle East   View Recording
17 February 2022   9 a.m. GMT
5 p.m. SGT
8 p.m. AEDT
  Asia Pacific   View Recording
10 March 2022   11 a.m. EST
4 p.m. GMT
  The Americas   View Recording