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Unlocking the UK Lockdown – With Insights from Italy, Spain and Germany

Region: Europe
4 May 2020

In the next few weeks, the UK government is likely to start lifting restrictions, enabling some businesses to reopen and people to move more freely, but it is unlikely to be business as usual for some time.

In this webinar, we discuss the sort of issues and challenges businesses should consider when preparing to come out of lockdown, how different sectors might be impacted and what steps businesses should be taking to enable them to manage risk and the financial health of the business.

Other countries in Europe have already started to lift restrictions. Our colleagues from Italy, Spain and Germany will share their experiences about the challenges and opportunities that coming out of lockdown presents.

Our panel of expert speakers includes:

  • Introduction – Hannah Kendrick, Partner, Leeds
  • Is Unlocking Harder Than Locking Down? – Matthew Kirk, International Affairs Advisor, London
  • Insight From Italy – Ian Tully, Partner, Milan
  • Insight From Germany – Jörg Staudenmayer, Partner, Böblingen, and Jens Petry, Partner, Frankfurt
  • Insight From Spain – Rafael Alonso, Partner, Madrid
  • Financial and Risk Considerations as We Come Out of Lockdown – – John Alderton, Office Managing Partner, Leeds

This webinar is intended to help your organisation begin to prepare to exit lockdown and will be of interest to board members, senior management and in-house counsel.

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