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Talk to the Experts Virtual Discussion Forum: Driving Value – Data, Technology and IP

Region: Europe
13 May 2021
Virtual Discussion Forum
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Fifteen years ago, Clive Humby famously said, “data is the new oil.” But do we really understand how data, the ability to collect and analyse it, and the extent to which an organisation is capable of assimilating technological innovation are drivers of value? What makes a “smart” company? Does being “smart” necessarily deliver greater value? Or do you have to be smart about how you are “smart”?

Is technology no longer just for techies?

Guest Speakers

Tony Reed, EMEA chair of the global Corporate Practice, will introduce the speakers and Matthew Kirk, international affairs advisor, will host the discussion.

As usual, questions will be invited from the audience before and during this discussion, and we are really hoping as many of you as possible can join.

The program is pending 1.0 hour of CLE in New York. If you require another jurisdiction, please email Robin Hallagan after future mailings for this particular event.

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