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Helping You Navigate Challenges, Remain Compliant, and Mitigate Exposure to Risks in Poland

Since the global pandemic began, we have experienced tremendous economic and social change in Poland, as reflected in the shifting Polish laws regarding employees.

With our HR Space podcast series, our labour and employment lawyers in Warsaw aim to answer your key questions on employment law developments in Poland. We explore the challenges HR directors are facing in the current climate, helping businesses to navigate legislative developments in Poland so that they can ensure compliance and mitigate employment risks.

Our series consists of 10 episodes focusing on: 

  • Remote work
  • Transparency and predictability
  • Work-life balance

Follow our series, with new episodes coming out weekly.


Available Episodes

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Episode 1: New Provisions Regarding Remote Work in Poland

The first episode in our HR Space podcast series provides an update on the latest employment law developments in Poland regarding remote work. With employers increasingly looking to introduce remote work and hybrid working for their employees, we discuss some of the most pressing changes in legislation for HR directors to consider.

Listen to Episode 1 here.

Episode 2: Remote Work Costs

In the second episode of our HR Space podcast series, we discuss the cost implications for employers in Poland to consider when introducing remote working for their employees.

Listen to Episode 2 here.

Episode 3: Occasional Remote Work

In addition to full-time and hybrid remote work, employees in Poland can now request occasional remote work. In the third episode of our HR Space podcast series, we focus on the latest developments related to this working arrangement.

Listen to Episode 3 here.

Episode 4: Remote Workplace

Following recent new draft law in Poland, employees can agree the location of their remote workplace with their employers. In the fourth episode in our HR Space podcast series, we outline the considerations employers must keep in mind when making such agreements.

Listen to Episode 4 here.

Episode 5: Alcohol and Drug Testing

Pursuant to new draft legislation, employers in Poland will be permitted to conduct preventative, random alcohol testing in specific circumstances. The fifth episode in our HR Space podcast series aims to help businesses prepare for the updates to employment law in relation to alcohol and drug testing in the workplace.

Listen to Episode 5 here.

Episode 6: Transparency and Predictability

As part of a new draft bill implementing a directive on transparent and predictable working conditions, expected to be in force in 2023, employers in Poland will be obliged to provide employees with additional information on their working terms and conditions of employment. In the sixth episode of our HR Space podcast series, we clarify the information required under the new legislation.

Listen to Episode 6 here.

Episode 7: Probationary Period and Additional Activity

With new labour legislation expected to be in force in Poland, there will be a raft of new regulations for employees to deliberate, particularly in relation to employee probationary periods. The seventh episode of our HR Space podcast series addresses some of the changes employers in Poland will need to adopt to remain compliant with Polish law.

Listen to Episode 7 here.

Episode 8: Professional Training of Employees

With new draft Polish employment legislation bringing in measures affecting how employers in Poland approach professional training for their employees, in the eighth episode of our HR Space podcast series , we provide an overview of:

  • The requirement for employers to notify their employees of any potential training
  • The extent to which employers are obliged to arrange training for employees, and to adopt a policy in this respect
  • Whether training should be included in working time, and if employers should cover training costs

Listen to Episode 8 here.

Episode 9: Termination of Employment Contracts

The rules of play are set to change for many employers in Poland in relation to dismissal, with additional challenges ahead for businesses looking to terminate employment contracts.

Listen to Episode 9 here.

Episode 10: Work-life Balance – Prolonged Parental Leave and Protection Period

A new employment directive soon to be enforced in Poland aims to better support the work-life balance of parents and caregivers, encourage equal sharing of parental leave, and address women’s underrepresentation in the labour market. The 10th episode of our HR Space podcast series summarises this new legislation for employers in Poland.

Listen to Episode 10 here.