Five Minutes On... European State Aid

September 2016

The European Union (EU) State aid rules have received much attention recently in the context of the tax probes into Apple, Google and other multinationals. The rules are as old as the European Union but typically stand in the shadow of the other competition rules that apply directly to companies. Nonetheless, and leaving aside the major cases, the unique EU State aid rules impact every business dealing with a Member State of the EU – be it as an investor, a taxpayer, a licensee, the private partner in a public-private partnership or as a supplier, customer or competitor of a State-owned entity. In this edition of Five Minutes On… we capture the basic concepts and key implications for day-to-day business.

Five Minutes On... is a series designed for companies doing business across borders, providing counsel an overview of a complex topic in a format that allows rapid assimilation. Past editions of the series include:

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