I’ve Served a Break Notice to End My Lease – Now What?

    View Author November 2016

    You have served a break notice to end your lease but what should you be doing next?

    It may be numerous months before the break date occurs, however, you should not wait around and do nothing in the interim. It is important that you start to prepare for what needs to happen on the break date such as clearing out, carrying out repairs and liaising with surveyors, depending on what your lease obligations are. Often break conditions such as vacant possession are difficult to get right so you will need to take advice about what you need to do.

    Failing to comply with a condition in your break clause will mean you remain tied into your lease and liable to perform the tenant obligations (including paying the rent) for the remainder of the term, which could be for many years to come.

    We have designed a key checklist to help you start thinking of what you need to do and plan ahead for.

    Please note that this is just a general guide to help you start your thought process for what you need to do and should not be used in replace of any professional advice.

    Please download the PDF checklist using the button above.