The Roof of My Leasehold Commercial Property Is Leaking – Now What?

    View Author April 2017
    Discovering a leak from the roof of your commercial property can cause significant disruption to your use and enjoyment of the property if it is not resolved quickly. However, maintenance of the roof may not be your responsibility and you may not have the right to carry out repair works yourself.  

    It is important, therefore, that you find out who should be responsible for remedying the leak and the time frame for doing so. We have designed a key checklist to help you start thinking of what you need to check and do to ensure an expedient resolution of the leak to prevent the situation worsening. 

    Please note that this is just a general guide to help you start your thought process for what you need to do and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.

    You can view the PDF checklist using the button above.