The Single Family Office Roadmap

    View Author December 2018

    We are excited to present The Single Family Office Roadmap – a strategic plan that can be used as a reference as you begin or continue to seek ways of building cohesion, across generations, to help drive the successful stewardship of family assets now and into the future.

    The single family office structure is increasingly the platform of choice for ultra-high-net-worth families to manage wealth and provide a wide range of services to their family members. Just as no two families are exactly alike, neither are any two family offices. However, there are a few basic structural approaches that characterize many single family offices, and certain categories of services that single family offices most frequently provide.

    Thinking about these structures, categories of services and some of the key formation considerations outlined here, can be a helpful jumping-off point for families and their advisers considering the single family office approach to wealth management and family services.

    We hope that you find this piece to be both informative and thought provoking. We look forward to keeping you up to date on key issues and trends affecting family offices around the globe, today and in the future.