Patricia Woo on the Holistic Approach to the UHNW Family Office of the Future

    View Author June 2020

    Woo, Partner, Hong Kong and Co-Head of the Family Office Practice, is a fund, trust and tax lawyer who creates family offices for global ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) families. She is also someone who takes a novel and fascinating spin on family offices and the family at large, maintaining that if approached properly, harmony can be achieved, that will help the family’s wealth and its well-being endure for years, and possibly for generations to come. Woo met with Hubbis via video link recently to her home office in Hong Kong.

    In an in-depth conversation, Patricia offers insights into how ultra-high-net-worth families can strive to achieve enduring wealth and family harmony by combining the investment-centric and welfare-centric approach and creating what she terms the ‘third way’, a family office that transcends both aspects. This she calls the integral approach to the family office, and it is one that places as great an emphasis on spiritual goals as on secular objectives.